Contemporary Performance

The Contemporary Performance Program is designed to train students for successful performance careers in today’s commercial music industry. The Performance degree at the Cornel School of Contemporary Music is divided into concentrated instrument majors: Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocal, and Woodwind. Students study a variety of contemporary music genres in focused private lessons with our renowned faculty, and in group performance classes. Courses in music business, recording studio technique and academics round out the degree program and prepare students for real world challenges.


Contemporary Composition

The Contemporary Composition program prepares students for careers as composers and arrangers in the modern entertainment industry. Student composers work one-on-one with our renowned faculty in a state-of-the-art facility to learn techniques that are used to create music for the concert stage, theatrical performances and in the recording studio. Specially designed courses in business and recording techniques engage students as they learn the skills necessary to conceive, create, and complete professional projects. Graduates are prepared to take on the challenges of industry composers, musical directors and arrangers.


Film Scoring

The Film Scoring program at the Cornel School of Contemporary Music at Shepherd University engages students in the study and practice of music for visual media; film, television and advertising. Students study the techniques of modern film composers in classes that focus on orchestration, sound design and analysis. Knowledge is put into practice in challenging project assignments that utilize the school’s state-of-the-art computer and recording facilities. Private instruction with our composition faculty, in combination with music business and recording arts classes fully prepare student composers to compete in today’s film and television industry.



The Songwriting Program is a unique curriculum that trains students to become successful songwriters and performers. Students study composition and lyric writing in a variety of styles to prepare them for the demands of professional songwriters. Performance, recording technique, and music business classes sharpen their skills as independent performing artists, and give them the abilities needed to record and market their music to the world.


Music Production

The Music Production Program provides students with extensive experience in the latest techniques and equipment in our state-of-the-art recording facility. Our faculty includes industry professionals who instruct students in cutting-edge skills that prepare them to walk into any recording studio and start working. Technology classes, combined with music composition and performance courses give our Music Production graduates the creative and technical skills of a modern record producer. The Music Production program at the Cornel School of Contemporary Music gives our students the abilities and confidence they need to compete with the best for careers in the music industry.


Contemporary Christian & Worship Music (CCM & Worship)

The CCM & Worship program is a unique degree program that combines theological courses with music classes to prepare students for careers as music ministers and worship leaders. Cornel School of Contemporary Music is in a special position to provide professional, contemporary music instruction within the context of a Christian education program. Students work with our renowned faculty of studio professionals to learn the latest techniques in composing, arranging and recording. These skills give our future music ministers the best ability to project their spiritual mission, and to look forward to careers as worship leaders and artists in the Christian music industry.